Egg Foo Yung

gluten-free and vegetarian egg foo yung

Confession: when I was growing up, I was wary of Egg Foo Yung. I wasn’t 100% certain what it was, and, frankly, when I looked at it, it seemed like something I wouldn’t like.

Ah, the mistakes of youth! Egg Foo Yung is, basically, an omelette. A simple, vegetable-filled, delicious, customizable omelette. For a gluten-free, mostly plant-based athlete, it’s also a great way to get lots of protein after a long run. I have a habit of making breakfast-for-dinner meals on Saturday nights since my body is craving loads of protein, and this gives me that plus lots of veggies.

Egg Foo Yung

gluten-free and vegetarian egg foo yung

By Kassia Krozser Published: July 30, 2017

  • Yield: 4 Servings
  • Prep: 20 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Ready In: 40 mins

This gluten-free omelette is perfect for plant-based athletes, particularly after a long run.



  1. Preheat your broiler with rack in the upper third of your oven.
  2. Heat one tablespoon of sesame oil in an oven-save skillet. Add the white part of the onion and broccoli slaw to the skillet. Saute until just tender. Add the ginger and garlic, cooking for about a minute. Add the vinegar and cook until it evaporates, about a minute.
  3. Combine one tablespoon tamari, half the pepper, and the eggs in a bowl. Stir the eggs into the vegetables in the skillet. Cook for a few minutes, until the eggs are set on the bottom. Place the skillet in the oven, and broil for 2 - 5 minutes -- until the eggs are set, and the top of omelette is browned.
    Gluten-Free Egg Foo Yung
  4. While the broccoli mixture is sauteeing, heat the remaining tablespoon of sesame oil in a small pan. Add the gluten-free flour and saute until lightly brown. Add the mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms start to reduce. Slowly whisk in the vegetable stock and remaining tamari. Stir and simmer until you have a slightly thick gravy.
  5. Cut the omelette into four wedges, and top with the mushroom sauce. Sprinkle the toasted sesame seeds and onion greens on top before serving.

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