Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Spaghetti Squash

I have a sort of love-hate relationship with squash. I mean, yeah, I cook with members of the squash family all the time, but it’s not something I get all that excited about (roasted butternut squash soup being an exception). So when spaghetti squash became the darling of food bloggers, I was all “meh”. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Spaghetti Squash”

Beware Fad Diets

I read a piece by a fellow gluten-free blogger that worried me. Due to what was described as months of overindulgence, he decided to spend some time following the AIP diet. Also known as the Autoimmune Protocol diet, this is a highly restrictive diet designed to address problems related to chronic inflammation, a serious problem for people with autoimmune diseases, including celiac. Continue reading “Beware Fad Diets”

Trusting My Body

As I’ve mentioned, I am a runner. Okay, maybe I’ve never actually said those words here, but I must be honest a few years into this thing: I am a runner. I’ll never be the fastest, the fleetest, the most graceful, but I’ve finally reached the point where sometimes I really enjoy pounding the pavement, and sometimes I feel like I’m floating along the sidewalk. Continue reading “Trusting My Body”

Rethinking The Dinner Table

The first thing so many newly gluten-free folk do is try to recreate their gluten-indulging pasts. I think that’s a bad idea; it’s rough enough transitioning to a new lifestyle without constant (and not-very-satisfying) reminders of a past that won’t be coming back. I strongly advocate for making a clean break with your past eating habits, and I promise that following a gluten-free diet is much easier than you initially think. Continue reading “Rethinking The Dinner Table”

Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Rice Noodles

Every Friday, my colleague and I go out to lunch. Most days, we eat at our desks, followed by a walk (for me). But on Fridays, we make it a point to get out of the office. This helps contribute to what is known as work-life balance (also, less boring lunches!).

Inevitably, despite our best intentions, we head toward the local Vietnamese restaurant for a big bowl of pho. Fridays are my carbo-load days, which is how I justify scarfing down the enormous bowl of salty, savory, amazing soup. Yes, I’m overdoing one nutrient, but I will run it off the next day. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Rice Noodles”

Creating a Shared Gluten-Free Kitchen

As I mentioned last week, my husband and I made the decision to run a wholly gluten-free kitchen. When it’s just two people and two cats, that’s easy enough to do, and we’ve developed tricks to deal with unwanted gluten when it arrives in our house, usually via guests. It turns out I work in an office filled with people who will happily scarf down cookies, pie, and cake, no questions asked. Continue reading “Creating a Shared Gluten-Free Kitchen”

Starting the Gluten-Free Life

As I mentioned last week, it’s critical to stop, think, and plan before embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle. Here’s a story to explain why. Years ago, long before my doctor and I had “the talk”, I was vacationing and had a spa appointment. Before beginning my treatment, my aesthetician asked if I had any allergies to products.

Oh yes, I said, I am allergic to grasses and pollens and just about everything except chocolate (a sad irony, since I am not a fan of chocolate). She assured me that the products being used were safe for me. The conversation went this way and that way, and somehow turned to gluten. Having a friend who’d just gone gluten free due to an Addison’s disease diagnosis, I wondered if gluten might be the source of some of my digestive problems. Continue reading “Starting the Gluten-Free Life”