Meatless Month, Revisited

So, the husband and I survived my Meatless Month experiment, and, I think he’ll agree, it went much better than expected. I want to offer up some thoughts, and, of course, focus on some of the successes (including the recipes that really worked!). Continue reading “Meatless Month, Revisited”

Breakfast On The Go (Or, How We Really Eat Breakfast)

I have decided there are two kinds of breakfasts: the ones created for the Internet, and the ones we really eat. The former are easy to identify. They are impeccably plated, well-lit, plates neatly centered on a placemat with a freshly ironed napkin nearby. These meals are often accompanied by words like “fast”, “easy”, “healthy”, and are described, without irony, as “typical”. Continue reading “Breakfast On The Go (Or, How We Really Eat Breakfast)”

A Meatless Month

I’m not a vegetarian, but I am finding that as I get older, my inclination is increasingly inclined toward less meat, more veggies. My body feels lighter, less overfilled when I reduce my meat intake (particularly red meat). So I challenged myself to make a month of meatless meals. Continue reading “A Meatless Month”

Soup Kitchen

I’ve been home on vacation for a week, and the husband has, as much as his schedule permits, taken time off from work (he’s self employed, so this is challenging some days). We’ve done more than our usual share of eating out — I’m taking a bit of vacation from cooking as well — and, sigh, today we looked at each other and said, “Enough.” Continue reading “Soup Kitchen”

Meal Planning versus Meal Delivery Plans

For reasons known only to the traffic gods, my daily commute has crept up from an hour each way to a minimum of an hour and a half. That’s on a good day. Yeah, I could (theoretically) leave my house at six in the morning to beat the traffic, but I still have to be at the office until at least 5 pm most days. By that point, every human being in the greater Los Angeles area is on the road. Continue reading “Meal Planning versus Meal Delivery Plans”

No, Gluten-Free Food Is Not Boring

I subscribe to the Gluten Free & More newsletter, and I have to say I was taken aback by the following statement: “We’ll Say It: Gluten-Free Food Can be BORING.” Yeah, they actually wrote that as the lead to their newsletter. Continue reading “No, Gluten-Free Food Is Not Boring”

Are Oats Gluten Free?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer answer: Yes, however….

Farmers practice something call “crop rotation”. This is just another way of saying that fields are planted with different crops at different times. This is good because it helps add different nutrients to the soil while reducing the chance of bacteria, bugs, weeds, or other problems associated with a single crop to take hold. Variety is good for soil and crops. Continue reading “Are Oats Gluten Free?”