Lies Bloggers Tell You

Here’s a little secret about the Internet: nobody knows if you’re an expert on a topic or not. I read lots and lots of websites over the course of the week. My chief goal, of course, is to find interesting ideas and recipes for my own site(s). While I sometimes point to larger organizations or more established food publications, I prefer to link to recipes by great bloggers with interesting perspectives on food and health. Continue reading “Lies Bloggers Tell You”

Gluten-Free Travel: Sydney, Australia

When I was young, I adored business travel. I was lucky that my husband had the kind of job that allowed him to travel with me, and I was lucky that my husband saw all kinds of great things while I…worked. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities I had (and have), but business travel comes with a lot of challenges.

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Sydney, Australia. First, if you can visit this amazing city, do so. Pack great walking shoes, and come prepared to be awed by the beauty that is Sydney. It’s perfectly situated, and incredibly easy to walk. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Travel: Sydney, Australia”

Do You Need To Detox?

Lifestyle sites love a good detox story. I love reading them and trying to understand what in the world people are doing to their bodies. Okay, I don’t actually *love* reading these articles, but I do wonder why so many people need to do crazy things to their bodies, particularly since we already have a highly efficient detox process called our digestive system! Continue reading “Do You Need To Detox?”

Gluten-Free Fueling for Runners (and Marathon Training)

For the vast majority of my life, I was a breakfast-skipper. My stomach couldn’t tolerate food first thing in the morning — just thought of eating made me nauseous — and I generally ate my first bites of food at lunch. There is no doubt in my mind that this helped contribute to my overweight status, and, of course, those lunches were decidedly *not* gluten free. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Fueling for Runners (and Marathon Training)”

Beware Fad Diets

I read a piece by a fellow gluten-free blogger that worried me. Due to what was described as months of overindulgence, he decided to spend some time following the AIP diet. Also known as the Autoimmune Protocol diet, this is a highly restrictive diet designed to address problems related to chronic inflammation, a serious problem for people with autoimmune diseases, including celiac. Continue reading “Beware Fad Diets”

Trusting My Body

As I’ve mentioned, I am a runner. Okay, maybe I’ve never actually said those words here, but I must be honest a few years into this thing: I am a runner. I’ll never be the fastest, the fleetest, the most graceful, but I’ve finally reached the point where sometimes I really enjoy pounding the pavement, and sometimes I feel like I’m floating along the sidewalk. Continue reading “Trusting My Body”