Eating Gluten Free in Sitges, Spain

Gluten-Free Eggs Benedict

Sitges is a beachside community about 30 minutes south of Barcelona via train. It is simply lovely, and we started our vacation there with a mind toward unwinding before tackling a bustling city. That was absolutely the right call, and many times during our week in Barcelona, we wondered why we hadn’t made the call to remain in Sitges and take the train back and forth…we will definitely go back!

Rooftop view from Casita Sitges, Spain
This postcard captures the rooftop view of our rental in Sitges. The charming Casita Sitges was the perfect location to start our vacation.

We stayed at a lovely rental called Casita Sitges, with two patios, lots of light, and a perfect central location. Paola, our host, was amazing, and, as mentioned, we regretted that we left the perfect little town.

And, of course, we ate a lot of great food! Luckily, the hills and winding streets of Sitges, not to mention the long path along the beach, helped work off the extra calories. Surprisingly, Sitges was very gluten savvy, making it easy to eat great gluten-free meals with lots of variety.

Red Velvet Cafe in Sitges, Spain
Red Velvet, on the beach in Sitges, is a great spot for a gluten-free breakfast. Or any breakfast.

As always, when traveling, take lots of precautions when ordering food. See this article about eating gluten free in Barcelona for suggestions for avoiding getting glutened in Spain. As you can see below, some restaurants in Sitges have very limited choices while others embrace gluten-free diners with a large menu.

(Looking for gluten-free restaurants in Barcelona? I have a great list here! And some general information about eating gluten free in Spain here.)

Places We Ate (Sometimes More Than Once)

  • Buenos Aires Grill Restaurant, Argentinian Restaurant, Port Alegre 21, Sitges Catalonia, Spain. An okay lunch spot in the touristy restaurant part of town. We ate outside and enjoyed our meals. They were able to steer me toward gluten-free options.
  • Cafe Bar Roy, Café, C. Parellades, 9, 08870 Sitges Catalonia, Spain. A cheap spot for drinks and tapas, with lots of variety on the menu. They offer a link, via QR code, to their gluten-free menu, but exercise caution. We ordered one item, a spinach pie, and it didn’t appear to be GF to me. I couldn’t verify as the waitstaff was incredibly busy, so avoided it. Otherwise, the choices were fine, and the green olives were just amazing!
  • El Cable, Bar and Tapas Restaurant, C. Barcelona, 1 (Angel Vidal), 08870 Sitges Catalonia, Spain. Definitely not the place to go if you’re seeking lots of variety in GF options. They specialize in pinxas, which means just about everything comes with bread (generally in tiny sandwich form). I had anchovies and olives, which was fine with me. I grew surprisingly addicted to anchovies on this trip!
  • Pic Nic Restaurant, Spanish Restaurant, Passeig de la Ribera s/n, 08870 Sitges Catalonia, Spain. This lovely beachside joint has a variety of dining options, from casual to a bit more upscale. Ask for their gluten-free menu. We enjoyed paella and wine alongside a view of the ocean on a bright and sunny day. Recommended.
  • Red Velvet, Restaurant, Passeig de la Ribera 8, Sitges Catalonia, Spain. We had breakfast here, and the gluten-free options were clearly marked. I had an amazing Eggs Benedict over gluten-free bread. Filling and tasty. I had to restrain myself from eating their every day.
  • Restaurante Bar Kansas, Tapas Restaurant, Passeig de la Ribera. Sitges, Catalona, Spain. We weren’t nuts about the quality of food here, but the view of the ocean makes it worth stopping for drinks and maybe a small bite to eat. The waitstaff seemed confused by the concept of gluten-free food, and I took my queue to be overly cautious from there.

Not Tried

  • Lady Green Bio Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant, Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant, Carrer Sant Pau 11 (Parellades), 08870 Sitges Catalonia, Spain. On our last night in Sitges, we wandered by this restaurant. Gluten-free options are available, and it’s very close to the water.
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  1. Kassia, thank you for such a great article and for helping all the celiacs who will be vacationing in Sitges on having a better holiday. As you rightfully say, eating gluten-free does not mean sacrificing great food! 🙂

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