Gluten-Free Travel: Barcelona

Be warned: Barcelona is a city designed for the hungry crowd. Restaurants and bars and cafes abound, and mealtime seems to stretch out all day — at one point, my husband noted there isn’t a fixed concept of breakfast, lunch, or dinner (though, if you’re looking for a full meal in the evening, note that many restaurants won’t even offer up a menu before 8 p.m., if not later!).

(See this post for a listing of restaurants where I found gluten-free options, plus a few I had on my list but didn’t actually eat at. And, if you’re visiting Sitges, a beach community about 30 minutes away by train, here’s a list of gluten-free restaurants for that city as well.) Continue reading “Gluten-Free Travel: Barcelona”

Gluten-Free Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain

As mentioned in my article on eating gluten free in Barcelona, food is plentiful and, relative to my Los Angeles home, inexpensive. Cafes, bars, restaurants abound, making it easy to grab a bite just about anywhere in the city. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Restaurants in Barcelona, Spain”

Eating Gluten Free in Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a beachside community about 30 minutes south of Barcelona via train. It is simply lovely, and we started our vacation there with a mind toward unwinding before tackling a bustling city. That was absolutely the right call, and many times during our week in Barcelona, we wondered why we hadn’t made the call to remain in Sitges and take the train back and forth…we will definitely go back! Continue reading “Eating Gluten Free in Sitges, Spain”