Gluten-Free Product Review: Mission Soft Taco Tortillas

gluten-free quesadilla using mission soft taco tortilla

I’m just going to say it up front: I have found the gold standard for gluten-free flour tortillas. They are soft, they wrap around food without a problem, they smell amazing when you heat them, and, yes, they last for over a week on the counter (sealed up tightly in their original packaging). For a GF product, this is an amazing feat!

(Before you get much further, I don’t see this product listed on Mission’s website. I’m hoping it’s just due to slow updates, but here’s a link to their contact page so you can encourage their efforts to make more products gluten free.)

When I first tried a gluten-free tortilla — one that wasn’t a traditional corn tortilla, which, I will remind you, are generally naturally gluten free — to say I was underwhelmed is to understate my reaction. It was awful. It turned me off to the concept for years.

Still, every now an then, I thought I should give GF tortillas a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the tortilla used by Evol for their burritos (review here), but haven’t been that excited by frozen products offered by other companies.

Then, one evening, I stopped to pick up tortillas for taco night when a new product caught my eye. I picked up the package, noted the weight and the softness of the product. Needless to say, I was skeptical.

I skipped the corn tortillas that night, a risky move for sure, and bought the flour ones. We had amazing tacos that night, if I do say so myself. Later that week, I tried the tortillas as wrap — it worked like a charm. My previous experiences had lead to broken tortillas/wraps.

Then I subjected this fine product to the ultimate test: quesadillas. The tortillas crisped up perfectly, while the cheese and filling melted and heated to a delicious, gooey mess.

So yes, this tortilla passed all of my tests with flying colors. My only issue is that if you’re using the tortilla as a wrap, you should still heat it first — the toasted versus “raw” flavor made a difference.

A package of eight sells for $5.99 at my local grocery store, a pretty huge difference over corn tortillas. Still, Mission put a lot of time and effort into developing a great gluten-free product that offers up the great flavor and flexibility of its wheat counterpart — tortillas so good I kept thinking it was a trick and I was secretly eating gluten!

Tip of the Week

The trick to a perfect quesadilla is balancing the crisping and browning of the tortillas with the melting and heating of the fillings. Don’t overfill your quesadilla and cook it in a non-stick pan, or with a very small amount of cooking spray (so your tortilla doesn’t get soggy), on medium (on the low side) heat, with the skillet covered, for a few minutes. Flip when the cheese begins to melt and the bottom tortilla is crispy.

Menu of the Week

Quesadilla party! This comfort food — or perfect snack — can feed one or many. If you’re making quesadillas for a crowd, use a flat griddle to cook multiple items at once. Don’t make your quesadillas in advance and reheat them. They won’t taste as good as those that are freshly made!

Keep your fillings simple, and serve guacamole and salsa on the side for dipping. A little cheese on the bottom tortilla, a bit of filling, and more cheese is the best way to build a quesadilla as the cheese acts as glue for the tortillas!

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32 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Product Review: Mission Soft Taco Tortillas”

  1. Yay! This is great news. I haven’t had a burrito in about a hundred years. I’m going to look for these next time I’m at the market.

  2. I can’t wait to try them. I so miss a GOOD tortilla. Where did you find them? I am in New Mexico and haven’t found them yet. Thank you!

  3. Joyce — According to Mission, these are being test-marketed. My advice is to contact them via the link in the article and let them know how much you’d appreciate them stocking the product in your area. They are really good tortillas!

  4. mission gluten free soft taco is the best tortilla that I have been trying in years for my son who is in a gluten free diet since 10 years ago. thanks mission!

  5. Omg, I found these tonight at Safeway. I am almost crying right now as I haven’t had a good burrito in over 6 months. Udi’s shells suck and I hate corn. These taste almost exactly like the original! Thank you Mission!

  6. When using it as a wrap, how do you recommend heating first? Briefly on the stove top, then let it cool before wrapping or some other method? Thanks!!

  7. Cathy — I do recommend heating the gluten-free tortillas first. I always do mine on the stove top since it only takes a minute or two. I’ve found this brand tastes a bit better heated before using as a wrap. To my tongue, there is the slightest bit of raw flour flavor if I don’t toast the tortilla.

  8. please help we found a small lump of something black in the bag of white tortilla chips calidad brand we would like to know that it was safe for our children to consume these chips

  9. Robert — Unfortunately I am not the right person to assist. My advice is to contact the manufacturer, and, of course, return the item to where you bought it.

  10. The ziplock plastic bag that the tortillas come in does not seem to hold up well so I transfer the tortillas to a gallon size freezer bag. That freezer bag can then be used over and over. Great tortillas!

  11. We found these at a Safeway in San Francisco. They were so close to flour tortillas, we went back and bought a second bag. When we flew back to Ohio, we took them on the plane with us. Then I went to Kroger in Columbus, OH and alas they don’t carry them! I’m devastated! They’re only available in the western states. I’ve contacted Mission to see if we can get them here. I’m waiting for a reply.

  12. I contacted Mission today and they said they are only beta testing them in the Western Regions and have no plans yet for other areas.

  13. that’s where i buy mine. if you don’t find them in the regular tortilla section, check the gluten-free foods section — my von’s stocks them in both areas.

  14. Terrible. May as well eat an uncooked corn tortilla. Hate to disappoint but $1.00 per “tortilla” is rediculous for this mess. I wouldn’t eat them again for a penny…. guess it’s corn tortillas for me. Don’t waste your money or set your hopes up on this product.

  15. i’m sorry you had a bad experience with these tortillas. i’ve been eating them for a long time, and have found them to be very good. did you heat the tortilla? that makes a huge difference (as i noted in my post). and i actually prefer corn tortillas overall, so it’s not so bad for you.

  16. Well guys they were good until they recently changed the recipe .I was eating them in the pacific northwest for about a year or so then they disappeared .Only to reappear about a month later with a NEW label on them and they are not the same .They dont crisp up like the last gf recipe did and they fall apart too easy .The first GF tortillas from mission were great ,these not so much .Why they changed a good thing I will never know but what a bummer

  17. Same. They changed the product. I can’t even handle them without them breaking apart now. Such an absolute mess for an expensive product. No way could these be used now for burritos. They’d disintegrate.

  18. Celiac beware! Yes these things are delicious but they give me a gluten reaction every.single.time. If you search Mission’s website & look at 1 star reviews others say the same thing. I’ll never eat them again.

  19. We are obsessed with these fantastic tortillas and have been eating way too many wraps and quesadillas. We never expected to find these but thanks Mission for providing a great product!

  20. I am really gluten sensitive and I cannot eat these. I get a reaction every single time. Anyone else have this problem?

  21. I love these too! No, I have not had any reaction to these. There are many recipes on line for “flour” tortillas. Believe me, I want them as I grew up with my wonderful grandma making flour tortillas daily. I miss them and the Mission brand come close. Pinterest has a few recipes that are wonderful. Best of luck to you!

  22. My celiac reacts to these! Something has changed with their recipe bc we enjoyed them for a year before they were out of stock for months. When they were restocked we were so excited. My celiac had to stop ballet for a while bc of her reaction. Never again.

  23. I was excited to find these however when I made a wrap it fell apart. I then cut the whole mess into bite size pieces. The tortilla was mushy and had a strange taste. Next I made a flat bread pizza. Just the small amount of sauce made it disintegrate. Again, the taste was not pleasant. Super disappointed. I am going to try a breakfast burrito next. If it is not good the remainder of the bag will get tossed.

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