Gluten-Free Product Review: Mission Soft Taco Tortillas

I’m just going to say it up front: I have found the gold standard for gluten-free flour tortillas. They are soft, they wrap around food without a problem, they smell amazing when you heat them, and, yes, they last for over a week on the counter (sealed up tightly in their original packaging). For a GF product, this is an amazing feat!

(Before you get much further, I don’t see this product listed on Mission’s website. I’m hoping it’s just due to slow updates, but here’s a link to their contact page so you can encourage their efforts to make more products gluten free.) Continue reading “Gluten-Free Product Review: Mission Soft Taco Tortillas”

Gluten-Free Quesadilla Options

One night, I was at my local Mexican joint, and wanting something, well, cheesy. Quesadilla cheesy. Since we’ve been going to this place for about twenty years (we are nothing if not loyal customers!), the staff are accustomed to my modifications to their menu.

Mostly, this means taking the tomatoes out of whatever dish I choose. I’m not much of a raw tomato person. This time, however, I went for the big substitution: corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas in a quesadilla.

My server didn’t even blink. And, I kid you not, that was the best quesadilla I’d had in years. Even my own weren’t that tasty. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but indulge me. I had a quesadilla in a restaurant. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Quesadilla Options”

Quesadillas: Gluten-Free

I admit it: when I went gluten-free, I crossed quesadillas off my list of “love to eats”. I had never, ever seen a quesadilla that didn’t have a wheat flour tortilla involved. Somehow, the whole package — tortillas, cheese, seasonings — seemed like a match made in heaven.

Then I caught myself staring at a package of corn tortillas I had left over from another meal. And I wondered about using corn tortillas in quesadillas. I wondered some more. I plotted my course, and did a little research. Which confirmed what I suspected: corn quesadillas are easy and so tasty.

(Think about it: corn tortillas are generally more flavorful than wheat tortillas, so, of course, they’d make a more delicious quesadilla).

The only trick you need to remember for making these quesadillas is to lightly brush or spray oil onto the quesadilla to help it cook up crisp.