Trusting My Body

As I’ve mentioned, I am a runner. Okay, maybe I’ve never actually said those words here, but I must be honest a few years into this thing: I am a runner. I’ll never be the fastest, the fleetest, the most graceful, but I’ve finally reached the point where sometimes I really enjoy pounding the pavement, and sometimes I feel like I’m floating along the sidewalk. Continue reading “Trusting My Body”

Starting the Gluten-Free Life

As I mentioned last week, it’s critical to stop, think, and plan before embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle. Here’s a story to explain why. Years ago, long before my doctor and I had “the talk”, I was vacationing and had a spa appointment. Before beginning my treatment, my aesthetician asked if I had any allergies to products.

Oh yes, I said, I am allergic to grasses and pollens and just about everything except chocolate (a sad irony, since I am not a fan of chocolate). She assured me that the products being used were safe for me. The conversation went this way and that way, and somehow turned to gluten. Having a friend who’d just gone gluten free due to an Addison’s disease diagnosis, I wondered if gluten might be the source of some of my digestive problems. Continue reading “Starting the Gluten-Free Life”

Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Carrots

I love carrots. There I said it. I. Love. Carrots. I love raw carrots. I love raw carrots with hummus (a bit too much, if you want my opinion). I love cooked carrots. I love carrot puree. I love carrot soup and (gluten-free) carrot cake. More on that below.

I also love carrot salads. I mean, I love carrots in salads, but I also love salads that feature carrots as the main ingredient. Another thing we’ll get to below. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Carrots”

Wheat By Any Other Name

Food trends come and food trends go, but I’m thinking the trend toward vegetables and whole grains is going to stick. I love that restaurants are switching their menus to feature these foods. As a gluten-free diner, I’m happy that quinoa has become common on menus (though I hope other gluten-free grains join the trend!). And, as a gluten-free diner, I think it’s time to talk about the grains showing up on menus that *aren’t* gluten free. Continue reading “Wheat By Any Other Name”

Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Millet

Somehow, quinoa became the poster child for gluten-free grains. In restaurants, it’s a code word for “gluten-free menu item”. And I’m not gonna say anything bad about quinoa. We eat it frequently, and I have a colleague from Peru who makes the most amazing quinoa salad for office parties. If only he’d share his recipe…

Personally, I think it’s time millet earned some of the love that has been showered on quinoa. Millets, which are the tiny seeds of grasses, are commonly grown in Africa and Asia, and come in a variety of types. Pearl millet is often sold in the United States. According to Wikipedia, millet has been cultivated by humans for about 10,000 years.  Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Millet”

Gluten-Free Myth 5: You’ll Have Bloating and Constipation

Ha. Ha. Ha. And ha.

Do you remember the days before you went gluten free? Did you suffer from bloating and constipation? It’s okay if you don’t want to admit it here, but it’s pretty clear the makers of this video have No Idea what celiac disease is like. Bloat, I am embarrassed to say, used to be my middle name. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Myth 5: You’ll Have Bloating and Constipation”

Gluten-Free Myth 4: You’ll Experience Mood Swings

Nothing makes me more angr–oh right, this is yet another gluten-free myth. My moods since going gluten free have been pretty even. Yes, I still get yell-at-other-drivers mad when I get cut off on the freeway. Yes, I still get giddy when I see a Labradoodle on the street. Yes, I feel joy when I come home after a long day of work.

The video mentioned weeks ago (it’s been a long time, no?) attributes these mood swings to lack of B vitamins. I think we covered that one pretty thoroughly in the fatigue piece, so all I want to say this week is that this myth is totally bunk. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Myth 4: You’ll Experience Mood Swings”