Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Carrots

I love carrots. There I said it. I. Love. Carrots. I love raw carrots. I love raw carrots with hummus (a bit too much, if you want my opinion). I love cooked carrots. I love carrot puree. I love carrot soup and (gluten-free) carrot cake. More on that below.

I also love carrot salads. I mean, I love carrots in salads, but I also love salads that feature carrots as the main ingredient. Another thing we’ll get to below. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Carrots”

Gluten-Free Cooking with Beans

Beans are a great, naturally gluten-free food. High in protein and fiber, they are nutritious, delicious, and extremely flexible. Seriously, how many other foods can be eaten whole or ground into flour? I love beans because they are perfect for so many meals.

Needless to say, my favorite way to enjoy beans is with rice. Recently, while in Austin visiting family, I had red beans and rice. I helpfully suggested we eat them every day; my family declined this perfectly reasonable idea. Someday, I will perfect my own red beans and rice recipe, or so I keep promising myself. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Cooking with Beans”