Do You Need To Detox?

Lifestyle sites love a good detox story. I love reading them and trying to understand what in the world people are doing to their bodies. Okay, I don’t actually *love* reading these articles, but I do wonder why so many people need to do crazy things to their bodies, particularly since we already have a highly efficient detox process called our digestive system! Continue reading “Do You Need To Detox?”

Rethinking The Dinner Table

The first thing so many newly gluten-free folk do is try to recreate their gluten-indulging pasts. I think that’s a bad idea; it’s rough enough transitioning to a new lifestyle without constant (and not-very-satisfying) reminders of a past that won’t be coming back. I strongly advocate for making a clean break with your past eating habits, and I promise that following a gluten-free diet is much easier than you initially think. Continue reading “Rethinking The Dinner Table”

Starting the Gluten-Free Life

As I mentioned last week, it’s critical to stop, think, and plan before embarking on a gluten-free lifestyle. Here’s a story to explain why. Years ago, long before my doctor and I had “the talk”, I was vacationing and had a spa appointment. Before beginning my treatment, my aesthetician asked if I had any allergies to products.

Oh yes, I said, I am allergic to grasses and pollens and just about everything except chocolate (a sad irony, since I am not a fan of chocolate). She assured me that the products being used were safe for me. The conversation went this way and that way, and somehow turned to gluten. Having a friend who’d just gone gluten free due to an Addison’s disease diagnosis, I wondered if gluten might be the source of some of my digestive problems. Continue reading “Starting the Gluten-Free Life”

Welcome to Glutenfreeliac

Hi, I’m Kassia, and I want to thank you for subscribing to the mailing list. Every week, I explore topics related to living a healthy and fulfilling gluten-free life, including gluten-free ingredient crushes that I hope you’ll love too, and I always welcome your thoughts and ideas about what I have to say (or things you’d like me to dig into…especially if it’s something super-tasty!). Continue reading “Welcome to Glutenfreeliac”