Basic Meal Prep Rules: Grain Bowls

I get it, I truly do. Nothing makes the gluten-free lifestyle harder than trying to figure out what to serve for dinner. Our lucky friends and family can always drive through somewhere or head to the nearest restaurant. We don’t have that luxury all the time. Continue reading “Basic Meal Prep Rules: Grain Bowls”

Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Millet

Somehow, quinoa became the poster child for gluten-free grains. In restaurants, it’s a code word for “gluten-free menu item”. And I’m not gonna say anything bad about quinoa. We eat it frequently, and I have a colleague from Peru who makes the most amazing quinoa salad for office parties. If only he’d share his recipe…

Personally, I think it’s time millet earned some of the love that has been showered on quinoa. Millets, which are the tiny seeds of grasses, are commonly grown in Africa and Asia, and come in a variety of types. Pearl millet is often sold in the United States. According to Wikipedia, millet has been cultivated by humans for about 10,000 years.  Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Millet”

Gluten Free and Eating Grains

I read one of those articles. You know the type: yeah, yeah, it’s okay to be gluten free but, wait!, what about all those great nutrients you’re missing because you aren’t eating enough grains. Think twice, oh gluten-free one, think twice!

We know we cannot eat anything with wheat, barley, or rye. We’re all cool with that (or, if not cool, understanding). But, it turns out, wheat, barley, and rye are not the only grains in the world. Who knew? Just because you’re gluten free, it doesn’t mean you’re missing out on the benefits of whole grains.

Well, now that we’ve settled that…. Continue reading “Gluten Free and Eating Grains”

Yes, Gluten-Free Hairspray

A friend of mine once tweeted about the absurdity of gluten-free hairspray (his spin, not mine). I politely, with the gritted fingers, tweeted back “Yes, gluten-free hairspray. And shampoo, too!”

Here’s why: if your hands touch it, it can get into your mouth. Oh yeah, you wash your hands, no question there. But you run your hands through your hair, often without realizing you’ve done it. You get soap or shampoo in your eyes, or your mouth, while showering. Things happen. Continue reading “Yes, Gluten-Free Hairspray”

Really Big Salads

I said, feeling virtuous, “Let’s just have a really big salad for lunch.” My husband, feeling less virtuous, required a bit of persuasion, but eventually conceded a really big salad was just what he wanted. Mostly because all other options would require him to make his own lunch.

He is a wise man. Continue reading “Really Big Salads”