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I am lucky to live within a short distance of a Whole Foods Market, a Trader Joe’s, and a Von’s that has exhibited an exciting commitment to stocking gluten-free products. With three great grocery experiences available to me, I have it pretty easy when it comes to purchasing GF food options. Of course, easy isn’t the whole story.

Each of these stores stocks a limited number of gluten-free foods. Yes, I would argue, they all stock far more GF items than it seems on the surface; I would love more food producers to label their foods “Gluten-Free” — and Trader Joe’s does a great job of using a label to identify items that are gluten-free. However, in certain instances, the options are…sparse.

Online grocery options have made it possible for gluten-free people to enjoy a wide range of products, from food to GF health and beauty products. Yes, you’ll have to pay shipping, and sometimes order in bulk, but the range of products available — and ability to ship anywhere in the world — makes online GF grocery shopping a smart way to expand food options available to all of us.

Here are some choices (if you do a Google search on gluten free, you’ll discover many more options):

  • — I use Amazon a lot since I’m a Prime member. They have a terrific gluten-free selection. One drawback is you often have to order multiples of items (3 boxes of GF Bisquick, 12 boxes of lasagna noodles), so while the prices are great, storage can be a problem.
  • Gluten-Free Mall — Great variety, coupons, new products added on a regular basis. They ship on a timely basis, and my experience so far has been great.
  •— Another dedicated GF grocery outlet. Great selection of products.

What are your favorite online venues for GF shopping and why?

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