Gluten-Free Product Review: Essential Baking Super Seeded Multi-Grain Rolls

Essential Baking Super Seeded, Gluten Free Rolls

As you know, I don’t get too excited about gluten-free baked goods. Most commercial brands are okay, but not amazing. GF bakers continue to make great strides when it comes to flavor, texture, and even lifespan for these products, which is why I test new products I see. When I saw Essential Baking’s Super Seeded Multi-Grain Rolls, I decided they looked enough to, well, eat.

And they were good. The flax and sunflower seeds gave the rolls a great mouth-feel — the rolls had body and texture — while the slightly sweet flavor complemented the grains. The rolls also contain a good amount of fiber, which is always a nice addition. They surprised me…and my husband. Normally he tolerates gluten-free baked goods, but he actually requested the Essential Baking rolls a second time. There’s an endorsement right there!

The rolls were located in the bread aisle. Essential packages them in shelf-stable bags, meaning the rolls stay fresh for months rather than days. Since the rolls come six to a package, I stored them in an airtight plastic bag on the counter, and they didn’t dry out during the week it took us to consume them. Since I was more interested in how the rolls would taste after a few days, I didn’t try freezing them.

The six-pack will run you about $6.00. If your store cannot obtain them from you, you can order directly from the Essential website. The packaging ensures that the rolls will be fresh and ready to eat when they arrive!

Tip of the Week

As noted above, I opted against freezing my leftover rolls for testing purposes. As a rule, gluten-free baked goods should always be frozen rather than refrigerated to keep them from drying out. If you must refrigerate your GF breads, make sure they are very tightly sealed in an airtight plastic bag (I double-bag in these situations).

Menu of the Week

The night I tried the Essential Baking Multi-Grain Rolls, I’d already planned a pasta dish. Since that ended up being a little carb-heavy for my diet, the next meal was a more balanced roast chicken with Brussels sprouts and wild rice. If you aren’t already a huge fan of Brussels sprouts, let me convert you right now!

Most of us grew up eating a food called Brussels sprouts, but it was mushy, stinky, and tasted horrible. This experience certainly scarred me. Then one day, I decided to give this vegetable another try with a twist: I pan roasted fresh sprouts. I thought they were great, and was surprised when I discovered my husband popping them into his mouth like candy. The process is simple: cut the sprouts in half, heat fat (oil, bacon fat, butter) in a skillet, add the sprouts, cut side down, and cooking, stirring occasionally until cooked through and golden brown. If you like them a bit sweet, toss with a honey or honey and mustard glaze before serving. Bacon, ahem, is also a good complement to these sprouts.

  • Roasted or Braised Chicken, such as this one
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Wild Rice Blend (such as Lundberg’s)

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