Gluten-Free Product Review: EVOL Cups

As I recovered from gallbladder surgery, my desire to cook was a bit lagging. Conveniently, I had a freezer stocked with items I’d cooked, and, happily, a supply of the Cups from EVOL. These freezer-to-microwave products are the perfect “I need something fast and easy” products, with meals geared toward breakfast and lunch.

Plus, they are all gluten free.

(Disclosure: EVOL sent a large sample of Cups to me to try and review, if I desired. This review is based on those free samples.)

The Scramble Cups feature eggs, cheese, potatoes, and other ingredients (including one with bacon). They range from about 120 calories to about 250 calories. I found them filling and surprisingly tasty — I’ve never been a huge fan of microwave foods. EVOL, as a company, works hard to make sure its customers get healthy ingredients, including ensuring its pork is raised without antibiotics.

The Cups cook quickly, smell delicious, and hit the spot, especially on cold mornings. I enjoyed the Egg, Uncured Bacon & Cheese, which also had peppers and potatoes, the Egg, Basil Pesto, Potato & Cheese, and Lean & Fit Chicken Apple Sausage with Egg Whites and Potatoes. All were delicious, though I added a couple of drops to hot sauce to the final Cup. Of course, I add hot sauce to *everything*.

For lunch, I tried a couple of EVOL’s Fajita Cups, including Grilled White Chicken with Rice, Beans, Veggies & Cheddar (plus my own drops of hot sauce) and Sriracha Queso Grilled Chicken, which lived up to its name without overwhelming the dish with Sriracha.

While I couldn’t find specific retail prices on the various types of cups, it appears they’re sellig in the $3 range, which I think is reasonable for the amount of food and the quality of the product. I’ll certainly keep a couple stashed in my freezer for quick meals.

Have you tried EVOL’s Cups? Thoughts?

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