And Then I Was Glutened

I was glutened. Despite my best precautions, somehow gluten snuck onto my plate. I’m not 100% sure when it happened, but it did. It’s been a long time since my last accidental glutening, and, weirdly, I didn’t quite realize why my body was out of whack.

Then the memories came flooding back.

As did the coping mechanisms I’d developed during those horrible years before I understood how to heal my body. I suppose it’s a good thing that I have an instinctive need to always identify nearby restrooms wherever I go. It may not qualify as survival of the fittest, but it sure seems that way when your body is fighting the aftermath of gluten.

All seems to be better now, though I am still a bit fatigued, fatigue being another one of my major symptoms. Since I know how this story plays out, I am fighting through the urge to sleep, including extra-long naps, and carrying on with my normal, busy life. Based on my last encounter with gluten, my full cycle of recovery is about two weeks.

Though time is the only cure for an accidental glutening, I’ve been extra-nice to my body by eating healthy foods and forcing myself to exercise (plus, going to bed a little earlier than I normally would). I believe a strong body heals faster. And I am proud that my body is much stronger than it was before I quit gluten.

I don’t feel like I’ve failed myself or my lifestyle. It’s been nearly two years since my last encounter with gluten. What both of these events have in common is they were due to travel and restaurant food. I travel a lot, I eat at restaurants a lot, and I think the fact that two events in the five years I’ve been gluten free is a testament to my diligence (and a lot of great people at various restaurants around the world!).

I know that protecting my health is my responsibility, though I love that my husband has my back. Like everyone in the gluten-free community, I’ve made mistakes, and, yeah, I paid the price. But I won’t let this glutening stop me from living, traveling, and eating with gusto!

Tip of the Week

As mentioned, I’m not fully certain when gluten entered my body, but it does remind me that, at one meal, I failed to notify my server I am gluten free. Making your server aware of the fact you have celiac not only helps the kitchen staff prepare a safe meal, but also alerts serving staff so they can avoid cross-contamination.

Gluten-Free Meal of the Week

In addition to my being felled by gluten (in a manner of speaking), the weather has been really hot. Granted, we grill outside about nine months out of the year, but no cooking happened in my kitchen this past week. Just the thought of a hot oven or stove was too much to contemplate.

Since I had some beautiful carrots from the farmers’ market, a bunch of golden beets, avocado, herby mixed greens, and strawberries, a big salad was just the ticket. Because I wanted extra protein, after roasting the carrots and beets, I grilled salmon to make it a hearty meal. All the elements came together surprisingly well, and a salad like this can be customized to fit whatever you need.

  • Grilled Vegetable and Salmon Salad
  • Ice Cream (Did I mention it’s really, really hot out there?)
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