And The Best Burger Is….?

So, in addition to it being National Celiac Awareness Month, it’s National Hamburger Month. Also National Asparagus Month. National Chocolate Custard Month. Seriously, I am waiting for a National Kassia Month.

I digress. When it comes to foods that I love more since becoming gluten-free, burgers top the list. I mean, I loved them before, but, man, burgers in restaurants are huge. I’d usually end up taking half or more home. Leftover hamburgers don’t really work out the way you hope they will.

So, yeah, the burger part of the hamburger (hmm, hamburger part of the burger? What is the correct syntax here?) is still huge, but it’s a more manageable huge. And, honestly, once you dump the bun, you start thinking of the burger as a palette rather than a piece of meat. Suddenly, you’ve moved so far beyond the basic cheeseburger, ground beef becomes an art form.

Hmmm. May need to dial that one back at some point. But still, removing the limitation of the bun is a great leap forward.

I have lots of great burger recipes, and I’m adding more all the time. But it’s time to talk favorites. What combination makes a burger more than ordinary? At A Hamburger Today, they have lots of great ideas. I’m cruising the site, trying to find something for Friday night.

In the meantime, here’s my current favorite combo: ground beef cooked on the rare side of medium (good char, a bit pink) on a bed of arugula topped with pesto, a hunk of good goat cheese, and just enough roasted garlic to, you know, make it beautiful.


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