Gluten-Free Labels on Naturally Gluten-Free Foods

You’ve heard the jokes about gluten-free food labeling. You’ve made the jokes! “Why does it say gluten free? It’s a corn tortilla! Of course, it’s gluten free.”

In theory, this is true. The very short list of ingredients in a traditional corn tortilla do not include items that include gluten. Masa, water, salt. Simple.

Yet I make it a point to buy corn tortillas with gluten-free labels. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Labels on Naturally Gluten-Free Foods”

Gluten-Free Casserole Ideas

For me, the word “casserole” evokes memories of books rather than childhood meals. We weren’t a casserole-type household, but mentions of casseroles popped up all the time in my reading. I was intrigued, mostly because casseroles seemed like something from other, magical cultures.

Of course, now I know that casseroles aren’t all that exotic. Basically, it’s a meal — protein, veggies, starches (in any combination you wish) — cooked in an oven. This differs from stews, which are usually cooked on the top of a stove. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Casserole Ideas”

Slaws, Sauces, and Extras for Tacos

Last week, we talked about all sorts of taco fillings. But, as every taco connoisseur knows, it’s not just the filling, it’s the sauces and extras that punch up the flavor of tacos. Different types of fillings call for different types of sauces.

Oh, yes, you can still enjoy the traditional shredded lettuce and grated cheddar cheese taco. I’m not going to judge. Except, okay, to say shredded cabbage in a light sauce is so much better. The cabbage has better body, in my (never humble) opinion. If you do use lettuce, consider tossing it in a light vinaigrette. Continue reading “Slaws, Sauces, and Extras for Tacos”

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