Beware Fad Diets

I read a piece by a fellow gluten-free blogger that worried me. Due to what was described as months of overindulgence, he decided to spend some time following the AIP diet. Also known as the Autoimmune Protocol diet, this is a highly restrictive diet designed to address problems related to chronic inflammation, a serious problem for people with autoimmune diseases, including celiac. Continue reading “Beware Fad Diets”

Reducing Inflammation

The one thing I didn’t realize before gluten and I broke up forever was how swollen my body was, just from gluten. You will often find people who lose several pounds right after eliminating gluten from their diets — this is mostly due to the water they’ve been retaining, and, frankly, should be a clue to many of us about what impact gluten-containing ingredients have on our diets (see Tip of the Week below). Continue reading “Reducing Inflammation”

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