Black Pepper Tofu Curry

As my diet has become increasingly plant-based, I find my self paging through my favorite magazines and mentally substituting plant-based proteins for the animal proteins. It’s actually a great exercise, if only because I love messing with recipes.

I’m also trying to add more vegan recipes to my diet, so this recipe also checks that box. I’ll admit to be intimidated by vegan cooking in the past, but now that I’ve wrapped my head around the basics, I’ve discovered that cooking vegan meals isn’t as hard as I’d once thought…though, yeah, the meal prep does take a bit more time.

Thus, this fantastic (and fast!) black pepper curry. The original recipe calls for chicken, and you can certainly use chicken if you prefer. The black pepper gives a hint of heat and loads of flavor, and it’s a great way to add vegetables to a meal.

Oh, like all curries, it’s even better as leftovers!

Plant-Based Proteins

As mentioned, protein is something I worry about. Being gluten free, I no longer get benefit of the protein in whole wheat, though I have, as mentioned, added in other gluten-free whole grains. My tendency in the past was to head straight for the carbs. And while I *do* sometimes retreat to my comfort foods, I have become a voracious vegetable consumer (sorry mom!). In swapping one food for another, I find that I have to remember to add protein to my meals. Continue reading “Plant-Based Proteins”

How I Lost Weight on a Gluten-Free Diet

When I wrote about Losing Weight While Living Gluten Free, I talked about the things I’ve learned on my journey. This post will get into specifics about how I actually achieved my goal. As of this writing, I have achieved my goal of losing 50 pounds (actually, I’m a bit over my goal, closer to 55 pounds), and am enjoying being in maintenance mode.

I will state for the record that most of the specific tips below have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I am gluten free. However, living a gluten-free lifestyle absolutely helped me achieve my goal as I was never tempted by certain high-calorie foods or fast foods. It’s a lot easier to avoid certain things when you know they’ll make you sick. Continue reading “How I Lost Weight on a Gluten-Free Diet”