Don’t Pay Good Money for That!

A few months ago, I decided to take the plunge: I was going to make a delicious-sounding chicken with olives and preserved lemons. Except, natch, not a preserved lemon (or fresh lemon, for that matter) to be found in the house.

Or at my local grocery store.

At this point, I had choices. I could devote my life to finding a nearby store that stocked preserved lemons, or I could accept the inevitable. I did the latter, ordering a small jar of preserved lemons from Amazon. Sure, it was pricey, but I was convinced the lemons were worth it. Continue reading “Don’t Pay Good Money for That!”

Homemade Salad Dressings

A year or so ago, a friend tweeted to the world at large about her major discovery: making her own salad dressing was fun! And easy! And it tasted so much better than bottled dressing!

Yeah, we all tweeted back, we know. Welcome to the club.

Since going gluten free, one of my rules for food is that what I eat should include as few ingredients as possible (it makes reading labels so much easier!). I also want to be able to pronounce every ingredient. If you look at the ingredients on a bottle of commercial salad dressing, you might wonder what is going on. I, for one, am curious why “color” needs to be added to some of these products. Continue reading “Homemade Salad Dressings”

Cooking with Vinegar

Via a link in my Twitter feed, I read a blog post that indicated rice vinegar is not gluten-free. This statement gave me pause because, by definition, rice vinegar is absolutely gluten-free. The author of the post was trying to figure out why her son became sick after eating sushi, and she used bad research to determine rice vinegar has gluten.

The culprit was almost certainly not the rice vinegar in the sushi rice (it was more likely the wheat in the fake crab meat). As I researched this issue — thinking maybe I was crazy — I saw there was a lot of confusion about vinegar. This makes me sad as vinegar is a fantastic ingredient to add to your gluten-free kitchen. Continue reading “Cooking with Vinegar”