Rethinking The Dinner Table

The first thing so many newly gluten-free folk do is try to recreate their gluten-indulging pasts. I think that’s a bad idea; it’s rough enough transitioning to a new lifestyle without constant (and not-very-satisfying) reminders of a past that won’t be coming back. I strongly advocate for making a clean break with your past eating habits, and I promise that following a gluten-free diet is much easier than you initially think. Continue reading “Rethinking The Dinner Table”

Risotto Milanese

Our first meal in Milan was this delicious, beautiful rice dish. While it is technically a first course or served with Osso Bucco, my husband and I devoured a huge serving of Risotto Milanese and declared ourselves happy. I will confess to eating this dish a, um, few more times over the next week.

And, of course, making it the moment we got home. Risotto is a perfect gluten-free dish — elegant and delicious.

Risotto has a reputation for being challenging and time-consuming. This is only sort of true. Yes, you need to keep on eye on the pan while the rice is absorbing liquid, but this generally happens in about thirty to forty minutes. Constant stirring is important, but you can also find time to do other tasks, including drinking a glass of wine!

Gluten-Free Travel: Safe Foods

Last week, I mentioned that the one thing I do when I’m recovering from an accidental glutening is a retreat into my favorite comfort foods (the risotto was fantastic!). Having an out-of-town trip mid-process makes the entire recovery process a bit challenging.

Or so I grumbled to myself as I got up early to make gluten-free sandwiches for the trip. As my husband reviewed my stash of “safe” foods for the journey, he noted we weren’t leaving the country. As I reviewed the stash, I had to agree: I’d gone overbooard. After all, we were headed to San Diego, a place gluten-free options are plentiful…as is great Mexican food! Continue reading “Gluten-Free Travel: Safe Foods”