Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Lentils

How do I love lentils, let me count the ways….

At the risk of shaming my mother, I grew up in a lentil-free household. Yes, it’s true, there was nary a lentil to be seen in our house. We were not adventurous eaters (in my mother’s defense, feeding four plus children on a daily basis while working full-time was challenging enough). I was a registered adult before I had my first, delicious, addictive lentil. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Ingredient Crush: Lentils”

Those Weird Cravings Blues

I was minding my own business, driving and listening to the radio. Along came a story that was ostensibly about one thing, but focused on another. Specifically, Cubanos, the amazing Cuban sandwich made from ham, cheese, pickled, and crispy pressed bread.

At the end of the piece, all I wanted was this delicious sandwich. Weird because I’m not that crazy about ham. Moments later, another food-related story caught my attention. This time, loving attention was paid to bagels. Cue cravings. Then I saw a billboard for a Big Mac…

I haven’t eaten a Big Mac in, oh, twenty years. I’ve never really thought they tasted that good. Suddenly, it looked delicious to me. Continue reading “Those Weird Cravings Blues”

Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping, Part Two

Last week, I offered up a primer to all the possibilities your grocery store offers when it comes to gluten-free grocery shopping. This week, we explore the interior of the store!

After you’ve taken that first deep breath and toured the safest spots in the store, noting all the foods you can eat, expand your horizons. Wander the other aisles. Look, rice! Not that over-salted prepared stuff, but plain rice. White rice. Brown rice. Forbidden rice (which, well, isn’t so forbidden after all). Perhaps even quinoa. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping, Part Two”