There Is No “Easy” in Gluten-Free Baking

Every day, my inbox and Twitter feeds are filled with delicious-looking gluten-free baked goods. While I remain in awe of those who have the time and energy to create these wonderful foods, I also remind myself of this: making these foods is not easy. It’s not foolproof. And, unless you bake a lot, it’s not all that cheap.

Wheat-based breads, cakes, cookies, and more rely upon gluten for elasticity in the dough. Baked goods rise. Gluten is protein that is sticky, elastic, and strong. Unfortunately, gluten-free alternatives require a lot of additional effort to mimic — but never quite achieve — those qualities. Continue reading “There Is No “Easy” in Gluten-Free Baking”

On Not Missing Gluten

As I watched my husband eat his lunch — a gorgeous short rib melt on rosemary focaccia — I couldn’t help but say, “That looks really good.”

Just as I’d said when he’d bought a pretzel at a baseball game. It looked amazing, and, I suspect, tasted as good as it looked. But I didn’t want a bite, never even thought about tasting it. In fact, one thing about me and gluten-filled foods: I mostly don’t miss them at all.

Oh sure, I stare with some envy when other people tear into a beautiful, thick pizza crust while I nibble on my less-than-thick gluten free pizza. And I’d love, on occasion, to have the freedom to hit a drive-through when I was hungry while on the road. Certainly on those days when I have a work lunch and steamed veggies are my only choice… Continue reading “On Not Missing Gluten”