Is A Gluten-Free Diet Unhealthy?

There is no doubt that the gluten-free diet is trendy in some circles. And with every trend, there must come a backlash. Experts (and I use the term extremely loosely) opine. Other (loosely-defined) experts counter. And so it goes.

Unless you are celiac, or fall on the celiac spectrum (which includes various types of gluten intolerance), you do not have to be gluten free. As I discussed in a previous piece, many people have a gluten-free diet recommended to them to deal with inflammation issues. The caveats I noted still apply. Continue reading “Is A Gluten-Free Diet Unhealthy?”

Is a Gluten-Free Diet Bad for You?

Lately, I’ve been seeing articles and headlines that suggest a gluten-free diet is unhealthy or even harmful. Digging into those articles reveals facts the link bait headlines don’t: essentially that a gluten-free diet is no more healthy or unhealthy than any other diet.

As we all know, being gluten free — and I do not believe one can be anything less than 100% gluten free — means avoiding all forms of wheat, barley, and rye. This means the whole grains, grains mixed into other products, flours, thickeners, whatever form these grains take. If you are gluten free, particularly for health reasons, none of these grains, in any form, should ever be ingested. Continue reading “Is a Gluten-Free Diet Bad for You?”