Slawing It Down

My first exposure to cole slaws was in the form of a container that came with a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. My younger sister dubbed it “cold slop”, and, frankly, her name was fairly accurate. It was…fine from the perspective of an eight-year old palate, but not anything that would make me actively order cole slaw if I encountered it on a menu.
Times change, tastes mature, and I discovered that I love the stuff. But I never really made it for myself. It always seemed…complicated. I mean, you had to shred cabbage, then make a dressing, then, you know, toss the cabbage and dressing together.

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Grilled Fish Tacos

Let me be perfectly clear: while this recipe is for fish tacos, you can make a good taco out of just about anything. Steak, chicken, and carnitas (shredded pork) are popular fillings. But fish tacos are something special. And they’re so easy.

Obviously, since these tacos are gluten-free, they’re not covered in a heavy, and often greasy, batter. Instead, the fresh flavor of the fish shines through, and additional yumminess comes a tangy cabbage slaw. If you’re not up for making a slaw, diced onions and cilantro with a bit of lime juice works just as well. If you like your tacos with a bit heat, add a small amount of diced jalapeno.