Soup Kitchen

I’ve been home on vacation for a week, and the husband has, as much as his schedule permits, taken time off from work (he’s self employed, so this is challenging some days). We’ve done more than our usual share of eating out — I’m taking a bit of vacation from cooking as well — and, sigh, today we looked at each other and said, “Enough.” Continue reading “Soup Kitchen”

Gluten-Free Product Review: Saffron Road Simmer Sauces

It has come to my attention that when it comes to lengthy, complex meal prep, I am an outlier: I enjoy spending an hour or so chopping, dicing, mincing, blending, and preparing ingredients for a recipe. Often, I gain more satisfaction from the prep work than I do actually eating.

Probably because by the time the dish is served, I’ve tasted and tasted to the point where I’m full! Continue reading “Gluten-Free Product Review: Saffron Road Simmer Sauces”