In a Curry

Confession: my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon involves chopping, grating, and mixing. When I making curry pastes, there is plenty of all those activities going on. Plus it’s an oddly fast activity, but that’s probably because I don’t hand-grind my spices in a molcajete, or large, rough-surfaced mortar and pestle.

(Of course, even as I type those words, I’m looking on Amazon for the perfect molcajete, because, well, every kitchen needs one!)

Curries are great for weeknight meals because, once you have the paste on hand, it’s a matter of simmering meats and vegetables in sauce and steaming some rice to sop up the delicious curry. My favorite curries have their roots in Indian and Thai cooking, meaning they have lots of flavor. Curries can be mixed with coconut milk, broths, or even water, making them that much more flexible. Continue reading “In a Curry”