More on Recipe Management

Last week, I discussed Plan to Eat, a website I am using for recipe management, meal planning, and a shopping guide. This week, I wanted to explore a few other options that friends on Twitter use to manage their food lives.

Ultimately, the system you use depends on your own lifestyle. I collect recipes and cook a lot, so having a system that manages both the aggregation of recipes and meal planning is essential. Another key feature for me is the ability to get pretty granular with cuisines and key ingredients. Continue reading “More on Recipe Management”

Menu Planning and Recipe Saving Using Plan to Eat

Though I like to pretend otherwise, my recipe management techniques are a disaster. I have the best of intentions, but I tend to leave the organization part of management until “later.” If only I had a clone to handle all the things that fall into that particular life category.

For various reasons, including my decision to get serious about my diet, I’ve been working on getting all the recipes I have stashed in various places under control. These include: pages ripped out of magazines, various and sundry recipes bookmarked over the decades via different browsers, recipes pinned and clipped into various programs. Continue reading “Menu Planning and Recipe Saving Using Plan to Eat”