Finding the Right Chile for Your Chili

I crave chili during weather extremes — when it’s very hot or when it’s very cold. Okay, I also crave chili when I’m running late for book club and need to throw together a fast dish for the group (see: how many times has Kassia made Frito Pie featuring Amy’s amazing vegetarian and gluten-free chili in the past year?).

Seriously, chili is a great dish for parties, for dinner, for lunch, for just about any meal. It can be hot and spicy or suffused with a nice mellow heat. Best of all, with a little prep work, chili can cook away in your crockpot all day — it’s just a braise, when you get down to it — while you secretly dream of toppings while you’re pretending to work.

It makes me sad that more restaurants don’t serve gluten-free chili. As you can see from the recipe linked below, this dish really doesn’t need the addition of wheat-based ingredients! Continue reading “Finding the Right Chile for Your Chili”