Gluten-Free Myth 2: You’ll Experience Extreme Fatigue

Ah, Myth 2, you baffle me. The video I referenced two weeks ago, indicated that eliminating a food group like gluten — still baffled by this — can lead to nutritional deficiencies and even fatigue. Gluten, as you know if you are gluten-free, is a protein found in wheat. The similar proteins found in barley and rye have different names, but for the sake of ease, we lump them all together as “gluten.”

So, yes, gluten contributes to your overall nutrition profile (but still isn’t a “food group”). Gluten is a good thing for many reasons, not just protein. It makes breads rise, doughs elastic, and other good things for baking and cooking. On the other hand, it makes me and many, many others very sick. Because we must exist without gluten in our diets — and again, I speak only of those glutens relating to wheat, barley, and rye — we are clear and absolute proof that gluten is not necessary to maintain nutritional health. Continue reading “Gluten-Free Myth 2: You’ll Experience Extreme Fatigue”

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