On Probiotics

Leading up to my gallbladder surgery, I focused a lot on probiotic foods. I knew I’d be getting a good dose of antibiotics — the killer of those lovely bacteria that keeps our systems regular — and wanted to give my gut a head start.

It seems everyone is talking (or writing) about probiotics these days. I first encountered a probiotic evangelist back before my diagnosis. She was working with me to help pinpoint my digestive issues — particularly those in the intestinal area — and recommended I add kefir or yogurt to my diet. I did…for a while. Continue reading “On Probiotics”

Variations on Gluten-Free Fried Rice

In my city, the only restaurant that offers gluten-free fried rice is P.F. Chang’s, and I order it every time I eat there. Unfortunately, I cannot always count on this when the craving hits, and, you know, making fried rice is the work of minutes if you have cold, leftover rice in your fridge.

And that is the key: cold, leftover rice, or “overnight rice”, a description I read that charms me to this day. Warm rice is too wet to fry up properly. Leftover rice, after a night or so in the refrigerator, is drier. It hits the wok with a sizzle and fries perfectly. Continue reading “Variations on Gluten-Free Fried Rice”