They’ll Never Guess It’s Gluten Free

When I feed people, I like to cook up a wide variety of foods (except desserts, a food group I haven’t mastered…so I generally hit our local ice cream shop, or let the guest who offers to bring something take on the dessert task!). Obviously, if it comes out of my kitchen, it’s gonna be gluten free.

But I don’t advertise that fact. Continue reading “They’ll Never Guess It’s Gluten Free”

Chicken Tikka Masala

For reasons unknown, most Chicken Tikka Masala dishes in restaurants are on the bland side. This is great if you’re introducing someone to the idea of Indian food, but these dishes are not palate-pleasers.

This recipe, based on Madhur Jaffrey’s, is full of flavor. Ginger, garlic, cumin, and various other spices bring tons of flavor. Grated tomato melts into the dish, adding even more flavor. I love serving this at parties or dishing up for leftovers during the week. It just gets better with time!